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Isaiah 32:3


Eyes 1  will no longer be blind 2  and ears 3  will be attentive.


Isa 29:18,24; Isa 30:26; Isa 35:5,6; Isa 54:13; Isa 60:1,2; Jer 31:34; Mt 13:11; Mr 7:37; Mr 8:22-25; Ac 26:18; 2Co 4:6; 1Jo 2:20,21

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tn Heb “Eyes that see.”

tn The Hebrew text as vocalized reads literally “will not gaze,” but this is contradictory to the context. The verb form should be revocalized as תְּשֹׁעֶינָה (tÿshoenah) from שָׁעַע (shaa’, “be blinded”); see Isa 6:10; 29:9.

tn Heb “ears that hear.”

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