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Isaiah 32:20


you will be blessed, you who plant seed by all the banks of the streams, 1  you who let your ox and donkey graze. 2 


Ec 11:1; Isa 19:5-7; Isa 30:23; Isa 30:24; Isa 55:10,11; Ac 2:41; Ac 4:4; Ac 5:14; 1Co 3:6; 1Co 9:9-11; Jas 3:18

NET © Notes

tn Heb “by all the waters.”

tn Heb “who set free the foot of the ox and donkey”; NIV “letting your cattle and donkeys range free.”

sn This verse seems to anticipate a time when fertile land is available to cultivate and crops are so abundant that the farm animals can be allowed to graze freely.

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