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Isaiah 30:32


Every blow from his punishing cudgel, 1  with which the Lord will beat them, 2  will be accompanied by music from the 3  tambourine and harp, and he will attack them with his weapons. 4 


Ge 31:27; 1Sa 10:5; Job 16:12; Job 21:11,12; Ps 81:1,2; Isa 2:19; Isa 11:15; Isa 19:16; Isa 24:8; Isa 30:29; Heb 12:26

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tc The Hebrew text has “every blow from a founded [i.e., “appointed”?] cudgel.” The translation above, with support from a few medieval Hebrew mss, assumes an emendation of מוּסָדָה (musadah, “founded”) to מוּסָרֹה (musaroh, “his discipline”).

tn Heb “which the Lord lays on him.”

tn Heb “will be with” (KJV similar).

tn The Hebrew text reads literally, “and with battles of brandishing [weapons?] he will fight against him.” Some prefer to emend וּבְמִלְחֲמוֹת (uvÿmilkhamot, “and with battles of”) to וּבִמְחֹלוֹת (uvimkholot, “and with dancing”). Note the immediately preceding references to musical instruments.

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