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Isaiah 28:7


Even these men 1  stagger because of wine, they stumble around because of beer – priests and prophets stagger because of beer, they are confused 2  because of wine, they stumble around because of beer; they stagger while seeing prophetic visions, 3  they totter while making legal decisions. 4 


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “these.” The demonstrative pronoun anticipates “priests and prophets” two lines later.

tn According to HALOT 135 s.v. III בלע, the verb form is derived from בָּלַע (bala’, “confuse”), not the more common בָּלַע (“swallow”). See earlier notes at 3:12 and 9:16.

tn Heb “in the seeing.”

tn Heb “[in] giving a decision.”

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