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Isaiah 27:5


unless they became my subjects 1  and made peace with me; let them make peace with me. 2 


Jos 9:24,25; Jos 10:6; Job 22:21; Isa 25:4; Isa 26:3,4; Isa 45:24; Isa 56:2; Isa 57:19; Isa 64:7; Eze 34:25,26; Ho 2:18-20; Lu 13:34; Lu 14:32; Lu 19:42; Ro 5:1-10; 2Co 5:19-21; Eph 2:16,17; Col 1:20,21; Heb 6:18

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tn Heb “or let him take hold of my refuge.” The subject of the third masculine singular verb form is uncertain. Apparently the symbolic “thorns and briers” are in view, though in v. 4b a feminine singular pronoun was used to refer to them.

tc The Hebrew text has, “he makes peace with me, peace he makes with me.” Some contend that two alternative readings are preserved here and one should be deleted. The first has the object שָׁלוֹם (shalom, “peace”) preceding the verb עָשָׂה (’asah, “make”); the second reverses the order. Another option is to retain both statements, although repetitive, to emphasize the need to make peace with Yahweh.

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