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Isaiah 24:15


So in the east 1  extol the Lord, along the seacoasts extol 2  the fame 3  of the Lord God of Israel.


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NET © Notes

tc The Hebrew text reads literally, “in the lights,” interpreted by some to mean “in the region of light,” referring to the east. Some scholars have suggested the emendation of בָּאֻרִים (baurim) to בְּאִיֵּי הַיָּם (bÿiyyey hayyam, “along the seacoasts”), a phrase that is repeated in the next line. In this case, the two lines form synonymous parallelism. If one retains the MT reading (as above), “in the east” and “along the seacoasts” depict the two ends of the earth to refer to all the earth (as a merism).

tn The word “extol” is supplied in the translation; the verb in the first line does double duty in the parallelism.

tn Heb “name,” which here stands for God’s reputation achieved by his mighty deeds.

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