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Isaiah 2:5


O descendants 1  of Jacob, come, let us walk in the Lord’s guiding light. 2 


Ps 89:15; Isa 2:3; Isa 50:10,11; Isa 60:1,19; Lu 1:79; Joh 12:35,36; Ro 13:12-14; Eph 5:8; 1Th 5:5,6; 1Jo 1:7; Re 21:23,24

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tn Heb “house,” referring to the family line or descendants (likewise in v. 6).

tn Heb “let’s walk in the light of the Lord.” In this context, which speaks of the Lord’s instruction and commands, the “light of the Lord” refers to his moral standards by which he seeks to guide his people. One could paraphrase, “let’s obey the Lord’s commands.”

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