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Isaiah 2:3


many peoples will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the Lord’s mountain, to the temple of the God of Jacob, so 1  he can teach us his requirements, 2  and 3  we can follow his standards.” 4  For Zion will be the center for moral instruction; 5  the Lord will issue edicts from Jerusalem. 6 


De 6:1; Ps 25:8,9; Ps 110:2; Isa 51:4,5; Jer 31:6; Jer 50:4,5; Zec 8:20-23; Mt 7:24; Lu 11:28; Lu 24:47; Joh 7:17; Ac 1:8; Ac 10:33; Ac 13:46-48; Ro 10:18; Jas 1:25

NET © Notes

tn The prefixed verb form with simple vav (ו) introduces a purpose/result clause after the preceding prefixed verb form (probably to be taken as a cohortative; see IBHS 650 §39.2.2a).

tn Heb “his ways.” In this context God’s “ways” are the standards of moral conduct he decrees that people should live by.

tn The cohortative with vav (ו) after the prefixed verb form indicates the ultimate purpose/goal of their action.

tn Heb “walk in his ways.”

tn Heb “for out of Zion will go instruction.”

tn Heb “the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”

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