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Isaiah 10:9


Is not Calneh like Carchemish? Hamath like Arpad? Samaria like Damascus? 1 


2Sa 8:9; 2Ki 16:9; 2Ki 17:5,6; 2Ki 17:24; 2Ki 18:9,10; 2Ch 35:20; Isa 7:8; Isa 17:3; Isa 36:19; Isa 37:13; Jer 46:2; Jer 49:23; Am 6:1,2

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sn Calneh … Carchemish … Hamath … Arpad … Samaria … Damascus. The city states listed here were conquered by the Assyrians between 740-717 b.c. The point of the rhetorical questions is that no one can stand before Assyria’s might. On the geographical, rather than chronological arrangement of the cities, see J. N. Oswalt, Isaiah (NICOT), 1:264, n. 4.

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