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Isaiah 1:10


Listen to the Lord’s word, you leaders of Sodom! 1  Pay attention to our God’s rebuke, 2  people of Gomorrah!


Ge 13:13; De 32:32; 1Ki 22:19-23; Jer 9:26; Jer 23:14; Eze 16:46; Am 3:1,8; Am 9:7; Mic 3:8-12; Re 11:8

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sn Building on the simile of v. 9, the prophet sarcastically addresses the leaders and people of Jerusalem as if they were leaders and residents of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. The sarcasm is appropriate, for if the judgment is comparable to Sodom’s, that must mean that the sin which prompted the judgment is comparable as well.

tn Heb “to the instruction of our God.” In this context, which is highly accusatory and threatening, תּוֹרָה (torah, “law, instruction”) does not refer to mere teaching, but to corrective teaching and rebuke.

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