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Hosea 5:3


I know Ephraim all too well; 1  the evil of 2  Israel is not hidden from me. For you have engaged in prostitution, O Ephraim; Israel has defiled itself. 3 


Ge 48:19,20; De 33:17; 1Ki 12:26-33; 1Ki 14:14-16; Isa 7:5,8,9,17; Eze 23:5-21; Ho 4:17,18; Ho 5:9,11,13; Ho 6:4; Ho 8:11; Ho 12:1; Ho 13:1; Am 3:2; Heb 4:13; Re 3:15

NET © Notes

tn The phrase “all too well” does not appear in the Hebrew text, but is supplied in the translation for clarity and stylistic reasons.

tn The phrase “the evil of” does not appear in the Hebrew text here, but is implied by the metonymical (cause-effect) use of the term “Israel.” It is supplied in the translation for the sake of clarity. Cf. NCV “what they have done is not hidden from me.”

tn Or “Israel has become corrupt”; NCV “has made itself unclean”; TEV “are unfit to worship me.”

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