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Hosea 4:5


You stumble day and night, and the false prophets stumble with you; You have destroyed your own people! 1 


Isa 9:13-17; Isa 50:1; Jer 6:4,5,12-15; Jer 8:10-12; Jer 14:15,16; Jer 15:8; Jer 23:9; Jer 50:12; Eze 13:9-16; Eze 14:8-10; Eze 16:44,45; Ho 2:2; Ho 9:7,8; Mic 3:5-7; Zec 11:8; Zec 13:2; Ga 4:26

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tc The MT reads וְדָמִיתִי אִמֶּךָ (vÿdamitiimmekha, “and I will destroy your mother”), and is followed by most English versions; however, the text should probably be emended to וְדָמִית עַמֶּךָ (vÿdamitammekha, “and you have destroyed your own people”). The 2nd person masculine singular form וְדָמִית (vÿdamit, “and you have destroyed”) is preserved in several medieval Hebrew mss and reflected in Jerome’s Vulgate. For discussion in favor of the MT reading, see D. Barthélemy, ed., Preliminary and Interim Report on the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project, 5:232.

tn Or “and I will destroy your mother” (so NASB, NRSV).

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