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Hosea 2:1


Then you will call 1  your 2  brother, “My People” (Ammi)! You will call your sister, “Pity” (Ruhamah)!


Ex 19:5,6; Jer 31:33; Jer 32:38; Eze 11:20; Eze 36:28; Eze 37:27; Ho 1:9-11; Ho 2:23; Zec 13:9; Ro 11:30,31; 2Co 4:1; 1Ti 1:13; 1Pe 2:10

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tn Heb “Say to….” The imperative אִמְרוּ (’imru, Qal imperative masculine plural) functions rhetorically, as an example of erotesis of one verbal form (imperative) for another (indicative). The imperative is used as a rhetorical device to emphasize the certainty of a future action.

sn The suffixes on the nouns אֲחֵיכֶם (’akhekhem, “your brother”) and אֲחוֹתֵיכֶם (’akhotekhem, “your sister”) are both plural forms. The brother/sister imagery is being applied to Israel and Judah collectively.

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