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Hebrews 9:7


But only the high priest enters once a year into the inner tent, 1  and not without blood that he offers for himself and for the sins of the people committed in ignorance. 2 


Ex 30:10; Le 5:18; Le 16:2-20,34; 2Sa 6:7; 2Ch 33:9; Ps 19:12; Ps 95:10; Isa 3:12; Isa 9:16; Isa 28:7; Isa 29:14; Ho 4:12; Am 2:14; Heb 5:3; Heb 7:27; Heb 9:24,25; Heb 10:19,20

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tn Grk “the second tent.”

tn Or perhaps “the unintentional sins of the people”; Grk “the ignorances of the people.” Cf. BDAG 13 s.v. ἀγνόημα, “sin committed in ignorance/unintentionally.” This term seems to be simply a synonym for “sins” (cf. Heb 5:2) and does not pick up the distinction made in Num 15:22-31 between unwitting sin and “high-handed” sin. The Day of Atonement ritual in Lev 16 covered all the sins of the people, not just the unwitting ones.

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