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Hebrews 5:12


For though you should in fact be teachers by this time, 1  you need someone to teach you the beginning elements of God’s utterances. 2  You have gone back to needing 3  milk, not 4  solid food.


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NET © Notes

tn Grk “because of the time.”

tn Grk “the elements of the beginning of the oracles of God.”

tn Grk “you have come to have a need for.”

tc ‡ Most texts, including some early and important ones (א2 A B* D Ψ 0122 0278 1881 Ï sy Cl), have καί (kai, “and”) immediately preceding οὐ (ou, “not”), but other equally significant witnesses (Ì46 א* B2 C 33 81 1739 lat Or Did) lack the conjunction. As it was a natural tendency for scribes to add a coordinating conjunction, the καί appears to be a motivated reading. On balance, it is probably best to regard the shorter reading as authentic. NA27 has καί in brackets, indicating doubts as to its authenticity.

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