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Haggai 2:5


‘Do not fear, because I made a promise to your ancestors when they left Egypt, and my spirit 1  even now testifies to you.’ 2 


Ex 29:45,46; Ex 33:12-14; Ex 34:8,10; Nu 11:25-29; Jos 8:1; 2Ch 20:17; Ne 9:20,30; Ps 51:11,12; Isa 41:10,13; Isa 63:11-14; Zec 4:6; Zec 8:13,15; Mt 28:5; Joh 14:16,17; Ac 27:24; Re 1:17

NET © Notes

sn My spirit. It is theologically anachronistic to understand “spirit” here in the NT sense as a reference to the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity; nevertheless during this postexilic period the conceptual groundwork was being laid for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit later revealed in the NT.

tc The MT of v. 5 reads “with the word which I cut with you when you went out from Egypt and my spirit [which] stands in your midst, do not fear.” BHS proposes emending “with the word” to זֹאת הַבְּרִית (zot habbÿrit, “this is the covenant”) at the beginning of the verse. The proposed emendation makes excellent sense and is expected with the verb כָּרַת (karat, “cut” or “make” a covenant), but it has no textual support. Most English versions (including the present translation) therefore follow the MT here.

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