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Haggai 1:9


‘You expected a large harvest, but instead 1  there was little, and when you brought it home it disappeared right away. 2  Why?’ asks the Lord who rules over all. ‘Because my temple remains in ruins, thanks to each of you favoring his own house! 3 


Jos 7:10-15; 2Sa 21:1; 2Sa 22:16; 2Ki 19:7; Job 10:2; Ps 77:5-10; Isa 17:10,11; Isa 40:7; Hag 1:4; Hag 1:6; Hag 2:16,17; Mal 2:2; Mal 3:8-11; Mt 10:37,38; 1Co 11:30-32; Re 2:4; Re 3:19

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tn Heb “look!” (הִנֵּה, hinneh). The term, an interjection, draws attention to the point being made.

tn Heb “I blew it away” (so NRSV, TEV, NLT). The imagery here suggests that human achievements are so fragile and temporal that a mere breath from God can destroy them (see Ezek 22:20, 21; and Isa 40:7 with נָשַׁב, nashav).

tn Heb “and each of you runs to his own house”; NIV “is busy with”; TEV “is busy working on”; NCV “work hard for.”

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