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Habakkuk 2:20


But the Lord is in his majestic palace. 1  The whole earth is speechless in his presence!” 2 


Ps 11:4; Ps 46:10; Ps 76:8,9; Ps 115:3; Ps 132:13,14; Isa 6:1; Isa 66:1,6; Jon 2:4,7; Zep 1:7; Zec 2:13; Eph 2:21,22

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tn Or “holy temple.” The Lord’s heavenly palace, rather than the earthly temple, is probably in view here (see Ps 11:4; Mic 1:2-3). The Hebrew word ֹקדֶשׁ (qodesh, “holy”) here refers to the sovereign transcendence associated with his palace.

tn Or “Be quiet before him, all the earth!”

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