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Habakkuk 1:16


Because of his success 1  he offers sacrifices to his throw net and burns incense to his dragnet; 2  for because of them he has plenty of food, 3  and more than enough to eat. 4 


De 8:17; Isa 10:13-15; Isa 37:24; Eze 28:3; Eze 29:3; Da 4:30; Da 5:23; Hab 1:11

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tn Heb “therefore.”

sn The fishing implements (throw net and dragnet) represent Babylonian military might. The prophet depicts the Babylonians as arrogantly worshiping their own power (sacrifices…burns incense, see also v. 11b).

tn Heb “for by them his portion is full [or, “fat”].”

tn Heb “and his food is plentiful [or, “fat”].”

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