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Genesis 5:24


Enoch walked with God, and then he disappeared 1  because God took 2  him away.


Ge 5:21; Ge 37:30; Ge 42:36; 2Ki 2:11; Jer 31:15; Mt 2:18; Lu 23:43; Heb 11:5,6; 1Jo 1:7

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tn The Hebrew construction has the negative particle אֵין (’en, “there is not,” “there was not”) with a pronominal suffix, “he was not.” Instead of saying that Enoch died, the text says he no longer was present.

sn The text simply states that God took Enoch. Similar language is used of Elijah’s departure from this world (see 2 Kgs 2:10). The text implies that God overruled death for this man who walked with him.

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