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Genesis 47:7


Then Joseph brought in his father Jacob and presented him 1  before Pharaoh. Jacob blessed 2  Pharaoh.


Ge 35:27; Ge 47:10; Ex 12:32; Nu 6:23,24; Jos 14:13; 1Sa 2:20; 2Sa 8:10; 2Sa 19:39; 1Ki 1:47; 2Ki 4:29; Mt 26:26; Lu 22:19; 1Pe 2:17

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tn Heb “caused him to stand.”

sn The precise meaning of the Hebrew verb translated “blessed” is difficult in this passage, because the content of Jacob’s blessing is not given. The expression could simply mean that he greeted Pharaoh, but that seems insufficient in this setting. Jacob probably praised Pharaoh, for the verb is used this way for praising God. It is also possible that he pronounced a formal prayer of blessing, asking God to reward Pharaoh for his kindness.

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