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Genesis 40:19


In three more days Pharaoh will decapitate you 1  and impale you on a pole. Then the birds will eat your flesh from you.”


Ge 40:13; Ge 40:17; Ge 40:22; Ge 41:13; De 21:22,23; Jos 8:29; Jos 10:26; 1Sa 17:44,46; 2Sa 21:6; 2Sa 21:10; Pr 30:17; Eze 39:4; Ac 20:27; Ga 3:13

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tn Heb “Pharaoh will lift up your head from upon you.” Joseph repeats the same expression from the first interpretation (see v. 13), but with the added words “from upon you,” which allow the statement to have a more literal and ominous meaning – the baker will be decapitated.

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