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Genesis 39:10


Even though she continued to speak 1  to Joseph day after day, he did not respond 2  to her invitation to have sex with her. 3 


Ge 39:8; Pr 1:15; Pr 2:16; Pr 5:3; Pr 5:8; Pr 6:25,26; Pr 7:5,13; Pr 9:14,16; Pr 22:14; Pr 23:27; 1Co 6:18; 1Co 15:33; 1Th 5:22; 1Ti 5:14; 2Ti 2:22; 1Pe 2:11

NET © Notes

tn The verse begins with the temporal indicator, followed by the infinitive construct with the preposition כְּ (kÿ). This clause could therefore be taken as temporal.

tn Heb “listen to.”

tn Heb “to lie beside her to be with her.” Here the expression “to lie beside” is a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

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