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Genesis 32:24


So Jacob was left alone. Then a man 1  wrestled 2  with him until daybreak. 3 


Ge 30:8; Ge 32:28,30; Ge 48:16; Ex 14:27; So 2:17; Isa 32:2; Ho 12:3-5; Lu 13:24; Lu 22:44; Ro 8:26,27; Ro 15:30; 1Co 15:47; Eph 6:12,18; Col 2:1; Col 4:12; Heb 5:7

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sn Reflecting Jacob’s perspective at the beginning of the encounter, the narrator calls the opponent simply “a man.” Not until later in the struggle does Jacob realize his true identity.

sn The verb translated “wrestled” (וַיֵּאָבֵק, vayyeaveq) sounds in Hebrew like the names “Jacob” (יַעֲקֹב, yaaqov) and “Jabbok” (יַבֹּק, yabboq). In this way the narrator links the setting, the main action, and the main participant together in the mind of the reader or hearer.

tn Heb “until the rising of the dawn.”

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