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Genesis 3:4


The serpent said to the woman, “Surely you will not die, 1 


Ge 3:13; De 29:19; 2Ki 1:4,6,16; 2Ki 8:10; Ps 10:11; Joh 8:44; 2Co 2:11; 2Co 11:3; 1Ti 2:14

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tn The response of the serpent includes the infinitive absolute with a blatant negation equal to saying: “Not – you will surely die” (לֹא מוֹת תִּמֻתען, lomot tÿmutun). The construction makes this emphatic because normally the negative particle precedes the finite verb. The serpent is a liar, denying that there is a penalty for sin (see John 8:44).

sn Surely you will not die. Here the serpent is more aware of what the Lord God said than the woman was; he simply adds a blatant negation to what God said. In the account of Jesus’ temptation Jesus is victorious because he knows the scripture better than Satan (Matt 4:1-11).

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