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Genesis 26:14


He had 1  so many sheep 2  and cattle 3  and such a great household of servants that the Philistines became jealous 4  of him.


Ge 12:16; Ge 13:2; Ge 37:11; 1Sa 18:9; Job 1:3; Job 5:2; Job 42:12; Ps 112:3; Ps 112:10; Ps 144:13,14; Pr 10:22; Pr 27:4; Ec 4:4

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tn Heb “and there was to him.”

tn Heb “possessions of sheep.”

tn Heb “possessions of cattle.”

tn The Hebrew verb translated “became jealous” refers here to intense jealousy or envy that leads to hostile action (see v. 15).

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