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Genesis 21:6


Sarah said, “God has made me laugh. 1  Everyone who hears about this 2  will laugh 3  with me.”


Ge 17:17; Ge 18:12-15; 1Sa 1:26-28; 1Sa 2:1-10; Ps 113:9; Ps 126:2; Isa 49:15,21; Isa 54:1; Lu 1:14,58; Lu 1:46-55; Joh 16:21,22; Ro 12:15; Ga 4:27,28; Heb 11:11

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tn Heb “Laughter God has made for me.”

tn The words “about this” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

sn Sarah’s words play on the name “Isaac” in a final triumphant manner. God prepared “laughter” (צְחֹק, ysÿkhoq ) for her, and everyone who hears about this “will laugh” (יִצְחַק, yitskhaq ) with her. The laughter now signals great joy and fulfillment, not unbelief (cf. Gen 18:12-15).

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