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Genesis 19:9


“Out of our way!” 1  they cried, and “This man came to live here as a foreigner, 2  and now he dares to judge us! 3  We’ll do more harm 4  to you than to them!” They kept 5  pressing in on Lot until they were close enough 6  to break down the door.


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “approach out there” which could be rendered “Get out of the way, stand back!”

tn Heb “to live as a resident alien.”

tn Heb “and he has judged, judging.” The infinitive absolute follows the finite verbal form for emphasis. This emphasis is reflected in the translation by the phrase “dares to judge.”

tn The verb “to do wickedly” is repeated here (see v. 7). It appears that whatever “wickedness” the men of Sodom had intended to do to Lot’s visitors – probably nothing short of homosexual rape – they were now ready to inflict on Lot.

tn Heb “and they pressed against the man, against Lot, exceedingly.”

tn Heb “and they drew near.”

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