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Genesis 10:9


He was a mighty hunter 1  before the Lord. 2  (That is why it is said, “Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the Lord.”)


Ge 6:4; Ge 6:11; Ge 13:13; Ge 25:27; Ge 27:30; 2Ch 28:22; Ps 52:7; Jer 16:16; Eze 13:18; Mic 7:2

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tn The Hebrew word for “hunt” is צַיִד (tsayid), which is used on occasion for hunting men (1 Sam 24:12; Jer 16:16; Lam 3:15).

tn Another option is to take the divine name here, לִפְנֵי יִהוָה (lifne yÿhvah, “before the Lord [YHWH]”), as a means of expressing the superlative degree. In this case one may translate “Nimrod was the greatest hunter in the world.”

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