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Genesis 1:3


God said, 1  “Let there be 2  light.” 3  And there was light!


Job 36:30; Job 38:19; Ps 33:6,9; Ps 97:11; Ps 104:2; Ps 118:27; Ps 148:5; Isa 45:7; Isa 60:19; Mt 8:3; Joh 1:5,9; Joh 3:19; Joh 11:43; 2Co 4:6; Eph 5:8,14; 1Ti 6:16; 1Jo 1:5; 1Jo 2:8

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tn The prefixed verb form with the vav (ו) consecutive introduces the narrative sequence. Ten times in the chapter the decree of God in creation will be so expressed. For the power of the divine word in creation, see Ps 33:9, John 1:1-3, 1 Cor 8:6, and Col 1:16.

sn God said. By speaking, God brings the world into existence. The efficacious nature of the word of the Lord is a prominent theme in this chapter. It introduces the Law, the words and commandments from the Lord that must be obeyed. The ten decrees of God in this chapter anticipate the ten words in the Decalogue (Exod 20:2-17).

tn “Let there be” is the short jussive form of the verb “to be”; the following expression “and there was” is the short preterite form of the same verb. As such, יְהִי (yÿhi) and וַיְהִי (vayÿhi) form a profound wordplay to express both the calling into existence and the complete fulfillment of the divine word.

sn Light. The Hebrew word simply means “light,” but it is used often in scripture to convey the ideas of salvation, joy, knowledge, righteousness, and life. In this context one cannot ignore those connotations, for it is the antithesis of the darkness. The first thing God does is correct the darkness; without the light there is only chaos.

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