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Galatians 4:21


Tell me, you who want to be under the law, do you not understand the law? 1 


Mt 21:42-44; Mt 22:29-32; Joh 5:46,47; Joh 10:34; Joh 12:34; Joh 15:25; Ro 3:19; Ro 6:14; Ro 7:5,6; Ro 9:30-32; Ro 10:3-10; Ga 3:10,23,24; Ga 4:9

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tn Or “will you not hear what the law says?” The Greek verb ἀκούω (akouw) means “hear, listen to,” but by figurative extension it can also mean “obey.” It can also refer to the process of comprehension that follows hearing, and that sense fits the context well here.

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