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Ezra 5:5


But God was watching over 1  the elders of Judah, and they were not stopped 2  until a report could be dispatched 3  to Darius and a letter could be sent back concerning this.


2Ch 16:9; Ezr 6:6-12; Ezr 7:6,28; Ezr 8:22; Ps 32:8; Ps 33:18; Ps 34:15; Ps 76:10; Ps 129:2-5; Php 1:28; 1Pe 3:12

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tn Aram “the eye of their God was on.” The idiom describes the attentive care that one exercises in behalf of the object of his concern.

tn Aram “they did not stop them.”

tn Aram “[could] go.” On this form see F. Rosenthal, Grammar, 58, §169.

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