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Ezra 4:20


Powerful kings have been over Jerusalem who ruled throughout the entire Trans-Euphrates 1  and who were the beneficiaries of 2  tribute, custom, and toll.


Ge 15:18; Jos 1:3,4; 1Ki 4:21,24; 1Ch 18:3; 1Ch 18:6,13; 1Ch 19:19; 2Ch 9:14,23,24; 2Ch 17:11; 2Ch 26:7,8; Ezr 4:16; Ps 72:8

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sn The statement that prior Jewish kings ruled over the entire Trans-Euphrates is an overstatement. Not even in the days of David and Solomon did the kingdom of Israel extend its borders to such an extent.

tn Aram “were being given to them.”

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