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Ezekiel 5:16


I will shoot against them deadly, 1  destructive 2  arrows of famine, 3  which I will shoot to destroy you. 4  I will prolong a famine on you and will remove the bread supply. 5 


Le 26:26; De 32:23,24; 2Ki 6:25; Ps 7:13; Ps 91:5-7; Isa 3:1; La 3:12; Eze 4:16; Eze 14:13

NET © Notes

tn The Hebrew word carries the basic idea of “bad, displeasing, injurious,” but when used of weapons has the nuance “deadly” (see Ps 144:10).

tn Heb “which are/were to destroy.”

tn The language of this verse may have been influenced by Deut 32:23.

tn Or “which were to destroy those whom I will send to destroy you” (cf. NASB).

tn Heb, “break the staff of bread.” The bread supply is compared to a staff that one uses for support. See 4:16, as well as the covenant curse in Lev 26:26.

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