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Ezekiel 45:5


An area eight and a quarter miles 1  in length and three and one-third miles 2  in width will be for the Levites, who minister at the temple, as the place for the cities 3  in which they will live.


1Ch 9:26-33; Ne 10:38,39; Eze 40:17; Eze 48:10,13,20; 1Co 9:13,14

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tn Heb “twenty-five thousand cubits” (i.e., 13.125 kilometers).

tn Heb “ten thousand cubits” (i.e., 5.25 kilometers).

tc The translation follows the LXX here. The MT reads “twenty.” See L. C. Allen, Ezekiel (WBC), 2:246.

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