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Ezekiel 43:3


It was like the vision I saw when he 1  came to destroy the city, and the vision I saw by the Kebar River. I threw myself face down.


Jer 1:10; Eze 1:3; Eze 1:4-28; Eze 3:23; Eze 8:4; Eze 9:1,5; Eze 9:3; Eze 10:1-22; Eze 11:22,23; Eze 32:18; Re 11:3-6

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tc Heb “I.” The reading is due to the confusion of yod (י, indicating a first person pronoun) and vav (ו, indicating a third person pronoun). A few medieval Hebrew mss, Theodotion’s Greek version, and the Latin Vulgate support a third person pronoun here.

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