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Ezekiel 41:2


The width of the entrance was 17½ feet, 1  and the sides 2  of the entrance were 8¾ feet 3  on each side. He measured the length of the outer sanctuary as 70 feet, 4  and its width as 35 feet. 5 


Ex 26:36; Ex 36:37; 1Ki 6:2,17; 1Ki 6:31-35; 2Ch 3:3; 2Ch 3:7; 2Ch 29:7; Joh 10:7,9

NET © Notes

tn Heb “ten cubits” (i.e., 5.25 meters).

tc The translation follows the LXX. The MT reads “the width of the gate was three cubits,” the omission due to haplography.

tn Or “sidewalls.”

tn Heb “five cubits” (i.e., 2.625 meters).

tn Heb “forty cubits” (i.e., 21 meters).

tn Heb “twenty cubits” (i.e., 10.5 meters).

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