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Ezekiel 38:6


They are joined by 1  Gomer with all its troops, and by Beth Togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops – many peoples are with you. 2 


Ge 10:2; Ge 10:3; 1Ch 1:5; 1Ch 1:6; Eze 27:14; Da 11:40

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tn The words “they are joined by” are added in the translation for purposes of English style.

sn The seven-nation coalition represents the north (Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Beth-Togarmah), the south/west (Ethiopia, Put) and the east (Persia). The use of the sevenfold list suggests completeness. See D. I. Block, Ezekiel (NICOT), 2:441.

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