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Ezekiel 3:27


But when I speak with you, I will loosen your tongue 1  and you must say to them, ‘This is what the sovereign Lord says.’ Those who listen will listen, but the indifferent will refuse, 2  for they are a rebellious house.


Ex 4:11,12; Eze 2:5; Eze 3:9,26; Eze 3:11; Eze 11:25; Eze 12:2,3; Eze 24:27; Eze 29:21; Eze 33:32; Mt 11:15; Mt 13:9; Lu 21:15; Eph 6:19; Re 22:10,11

NET © Notes

tn Heb “open your mouth.”

tn Heb “the listener will listen, the refuser will refuse.” Because the word for listening can also mean obeying, the nuance may be that the obedient will listen, or that the one who listens will obey. Also, although the verbs are not jussive as pointed in the MT, some translate them with a volitive sense: “the one who listens – let that one listen, the one who refuses – let that one refuse.”

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