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Ezekiel 23:23


the Babylonians and all the Chaldeans, Pekod, 1  Shoa, 2  and Koa, 3  and all the Assyrians with them, desirable young men, all of them governors and officials, officers and nobles, all of them riding on horses.


Ge 2:14; Ge 25:18; 2Ki 20:14-17; 2Ki 24:2; 2Ki 25:1-3; Ezr 6:22; Job 1:17; Isa 23:13; Jer 50:21; Eze 21:19-27; Eze 23:6,12; Ac 7:4

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sn Pekod was the name of an Aramean tribe (known as Puqudu in Mesopotamian texts) that lived in the region of the Tigris River.

sn Shoa was the name of a nomadic people (the Sutu) that lived in Mesopotamia.

sn Koa was the name of another Mesopotamian people group (the Qutu).

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