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Ezekiel 21:22


Into his right hand 1  comes the portent for Jerusalem – to set up battering rams, to give the signal 2  for slaughter, to shout out the battle cry, 3  to set up battering rams against the gates, to erect a siege ramp, to build a siege wall.


Ex 32:17,18; Jos 6:10,20; 1Sa 17:20; Job 39:25; Jer 32:24; Jer 33:4; Jer 51:14; Jer 52:4; Eze 4:2

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tn Or “on the right side,” i.e., the omen mark on the right side of the liver.

tn Heb “to open the mouth” for slaughter.

tn Heb “to raise up a voice in a battle cry.”

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