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Ezekiel 21:20


Mark out the routes for the sword to take: “Rabbah of the Ammonites” and “Judah with Jerusalem in it.” 1 


De 3:11; 2Sa 5:9; 2Sa 12:26; 2Ch 26:9; 2Ch 32:5; 2Ch 33:14; Ps 48:12,13; Ps 125:1,2; Isa 22:10; Jer 49:2; La 4:12; Eze 25:5; Am 1:14

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tc The MT reads “Judah in fortified Jerusalem,” a geographic impossibility. The translation follows the LXX, which assumes בְּתוֹכָהּ (bÿtokhah, “in it”) for בְּצוּרָה (bÿtsurah, “fortified”).

sn As the Babylonians approached from the north, one road would branch off to the left and lead down the east side of the Jordan River to Ammon. The other road would veer to the right and lead down west of the Jordan to Jerusalem.

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