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Ezekiel 20:9


I acted for the sake of my reputation, 1  so that I would not be profaned before the nations among whom they lived, 2  before whom I revealed myself by bringing them out of the land of Egypt. 3 


Ex 32:12; Nu 14:13-25; De 9:28; De 32:26,27; Jos 2:10; Jos 7:9; Jos 9:9,10; 1Sa 4:8; 1Sa 12:22; Eze 20:14,22; Eze 36:21,22; Eze 39:7

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tn Heb “for the sake of my name.”

tn Heb “before the eyes of the nations in whose midst they were.”

tn Heb “to whom I made myself known before their eyes to bring them out from the land of Egypt.” The translation understands the infinitive construct (“to bring them out”) as indicating manner. God’s deliverance of his people from Egypt was an act of self-revelation in that it displayed his power and his commitment to his promises.

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