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Ezekiel 20:32


“‘What you plan 1  will never happen. You say, “We will be 2  like the nations, like the clans of the lands, who serve gods of wood and stone.” 3 


De 4:28; De 28:36,64; De 29:17; 1Sa 8:5; Ps 139:2; Pr 19:21; Isa 37:19; Jer 44:17,29; La 3:37; Eze 11:5; Eze 38:10; Da 5:4; Ro 12:2; Re 9:20

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tn Heb “what comes upon your mind.”

tn The Hebrew could also read: “Let us be.”

tn Heb “serving wood and stone.”

sn This verse echoes the content of 1 Sam 8:20.

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