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Exodus 39:43


Moses inspected 1  all the work – and 2  they had done it just as the Lord had commanded – they had done it exactly – and Moses blessed them. 3 


Ge 1:31; Ge 14:19; Ex 40:25; Le 9:22,23; Nu 6:23-27; Jos 22:6; 2Sa 6:18; 1Ki 8:14; 1Ch 16:2; 2Ch 6:3; 2Ch 30:27; Ne 11:2; Ps 19:11; Ps 104:31

NET © Notes

tn Or “examined” (NASB, TEV); NCV “looked closely at.”

tn The deictic particle draws attention to what he saw in such a way as to give the reader Moses’ point of view and a sense of his pleasure: “and behold, they…”

sn The situation and wording in Exod 39:43 are reminiscent of Gen 1:28 and 31, with the motifs of blessing people and inspecting what has been made.

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