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Exodus 36:29


At the two corners 1  they were doubled at the lower end and 2  finished together at the top in one ring. So he did for both.


Ex 26:24; Ps 122:3; Ps 133:1; Ac 2:46; Ac 4:32; 1Co 1:10; 1Co 12:13; 2Co 1:10; Eph 2:15,19,21; Eph 3:18,19; Eph 4:2-6,15,16

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tn This is the last phrase of the verse, moved forward for clarity.

tn This difficult verse uses the perfect tense at the beginning, and the second clause parallels it with יִהְיוּ (yihyu), which has to be taken here as a preterite without the consecutive vav (ו). The predicate “finished” or “completed” is the word תָּמִּים (tammim); it normally means “complete, sound, whole,” and related words describe the sacrifices as without blemish.

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