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Exodus 34:5


The Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed the Lord by name. 1 


Ex 19:18; Ex 33:9; Ex 33:19; Nu 11:17,25; Nu 14:17; De 32:3; 1Ki 8:10-12; Ps 102:21; Pr 18:10; Isa 1:10; Lu 9:34,35

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tn Some commentaries wish to make Moses the subject of the second and the third verbs, the first because he was told to stand there and this verb suggests he did it, and the last because it sounds like he was worshiping Yahweh (cf. NASB). But it is clear from v. 6 that Yahweh was the subject of the last clause of v. 5 – v. 6 tells how he did it. So if Yahweh is the subject of the first and last clauses of v. 5, it seems simpler that he also be the subject of the second. Moses took his stand there, but God stood by him (B. Jacob, Exodus, 981; U. Cassuto, Exodus, 439). There is no reason to make Moses the subject in any of the verbs of v. 5.

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