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Exodus 32:25


Moses saw that the people were running wild, 1  for Aaron had let them get completely out of control, causing derision from their enemies. 2 


Ge 3:10; Ex 33:4-6; De 9:20; 2Ch 28:19; Isa 47:3; Eze 16:63; Da 12:2; Ho 2:3; Mic 1:11; Ro 6:21; Re 3:17,18; Re 16:15

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tn The word is difficult to interpret. There does not seem to be enough evidence to justify the KJV’s translation “naked.” It appears to mean something like “let loose” or “lack restraint” (Prov 29:18). The idea seems to be that the people had broken loose, were undisciplined, and were completely given over to their desires.

tn The last two words of the verse read literally “for a whispering among those who rose up against them.” The foes would have mocked and derided them when they heard that they had abandoned the God who had led them out of Egypt (S. R. Driver, Exodus, 354).

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