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Exodus 29:29


“The holy garments that belong to Aaron are to belong to his sons after him, so that they may be anointed 1  in them and consecrated 2  in them.


Ex 28:3,4; Ex 29:5-7; Ex 30:30; Ex 40:15; Le 8:7-12; Nu 18:8; Nu 20:26-28; Nu 35:25

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tn The construction is an infinitive construct with a lamed (ל) preposition. The form simply means “for anointing,” but it serves to express the purpose or result of their inheriting the sacred garments.

tn This form is a Piel infinitive construct with a lamed (ל) preposition. It literally reads “for filling the hands,” the idiom used throughout this chapter for ordination or installation. Here too it has a parallel use of purpose or result.

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