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Exodus 26:36


“You are to make a hanging 1  for the entrance of the tent of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn and fine twined linen, the work of an embroiderer. 2 


Ex 26:31; Ex 35:11; Ex 36:37; Ex 39:33; Ex 40:28; Ex 40:29; Nu 3:25; Nu 9:15; 2Sa 7:6; Ps 78:60; Joh 10:9; Joh 14:6

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sn This was another curtain, serving as a screen in the entrance way. Since it was far away from the special curtain screening the Most Holy Place, it was less elaborate. It was not the work of the master designer, but of the “embroiderer,” and it did not have the cherubim on it.

tn The word רֹקֵם (roqem) refers to someone who made cloth with colors. It is not certain, however, whether the colors were woven into the fabric on the loom or applied with a needle; so “embroiderer” should be understood as an approximation (cf. HALOT 1290-91 s.v. רקם).

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